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Being in the Marine Corps for almost 2 years now made me accustomed to so many things. I feel like only now I am realizing my potential in this lifestyle. I can only have so much time in my personal life, and it’s stressful, but the little bit of time I have like now gives me a chance to write down what I feel about, so hopefully in the future, I can look back through these again. It was already nostalgic logging back in and seeing where I left off before. So about today, as of now I feel like this is going to be my lifestyle for many years to come. I don’t plan on leaving after my contract, and I’m looking forward to committing more time in the Marines. Unless they kick me out, I don’t see myself a civilian yet. My best friends went to the Navy, and maybe they have better plans out there. I plan on seeing them again someday, hopefully I can station some place near them. I chose to be in Okinawa to be close to home, but I haven’t even been home for over a year already. I miss my friends back home, and my family, but I can’t let them get in the way of what I plan on doing. It’s one of those decisions that would get the best of me someday. I plan on using more time to express myself in this damn old website, in hopes to keep myself from being too stressed and locked up. I don’t even know who still uses tumblr, except maybe Arvin, so if you read this, TEXT ME ! I miss blogging. I hope i can do more of this :)




Called Paul’s house expecting to talk to Paul but ended up speaking with Jordan and Milan -.- bitches made me cry cause they brought up Paul leaving..

ahhhh nooo, poor babe :O I was at the store

I’m so sorry Shar, ima make it up to you D:

Told you Shar, he left, to the store ): 

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Brothers. (Taken with Instagram)

Forever right here <3

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Cuz I win big with the big &small:)


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I’m going to miss this guy )’:

I’ll miss all you guys <3

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relate, but doesnt mean much I guess

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You deserve the best, and I’m nothing close to it.

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Easy like Sunday morn.

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Always thought Jason would eventually let bygones be bygones and return to the camp as counselor. But no, he’s homeless, have to let that shit go homie.

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